Cutting, Punching & Cable Assembly Tools

Cutting, Punching & Cable Assembly Tools

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  1. Digitus LSA punch tool

    LSA Punch Down Tool Learn More
    £4.91 £4.09
  2. Digitus Round Cable Stripper

    Round Cable Stripper for smaller diameter cables, 4.5 - 29 mm Learn More
    SKU: DN-FO-S4
    £19.37 £16.14
  3. Digitus "Three times" Fiber Optic Stripper

    Adjustable Stripping plier for 3mm outer jacket 900µm secondary coating and 250µm primary coating Learn More
    SKU: ASK-HT-S144H
    £19.55 £16.29
  4. Digitus Stripping tool for data cable

    Universal Stripping Tool for multiconductor cable, up to AWG 24 Learn More
    SKU: DN-94001
    £3.31 £2.76
  5. Digitus Multi modular crimping tool, solid metal

    Multi Modular Crimping Tool, suitable for 4P2C 4P4C, 6P4C, 6P6C, 8P8C, incl. stripper and cutter Learn More
    SKU: DN-94004
    £15.58 £12.98
  6. Digitus Crimping tool for coaxial plugs

    Crimping Tool for Coax Cable for BNC, TNC, UHF, N, RG58, RG62, O.D. 5 - 5.15 mm Learn More
    SKU: DN-94009
    £16.27 £13.56
  7. Digitus Premium modular crimping tool

    Modular Crimping Tool, metal version incl. stripper and cutter, 6P4C, 8P8C Learn More
    SKU: DN-94007
    £7.08 £5.90
  8. Digitus Terminal block punch tool

    Terminal Block Pressing Tool for Type 110 Learn More
    SKU: DN-94003
    £8.24 £6.87
  9. Digitus Crimping tool for “Hirose” plugs TM11, TM21 & TM31 male

    Modular Crimping Tool for Hirose plugs only, TM11, TM21, TM31 Learn More
    SKU: DN-94008
    £18.36 £15.30
  10. EXC 812023 Crimping tool Black, Blue

    Crimping Tool, for For RJ-11 (6P4C & 6P2C), RJ-12 (6P6C) and RJ-45 (8P8C) modular plugs Learn More
    SKU: 812023-HY
    £8.23 £6.86

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