IP Add-on Modules

IP Add-on Modules

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  1. Yealink EXP40 IP add-on module Black 20 buttons

    LCD Expansion Module for the SIP-T46G and SIP-T48G Learn More
    SKU: EXP40
    £83.10 £69.25
  2. Yealink EXP50 IP add-on module Black, Grey 23 buttons

    Color-screen Expansion Module for T5 Series Learn More
    SKU: EXP50
    £88.92 £74.10
  3. Unify L30250-F600-C282 IP add-on module Grey 12 buttons

    OpenScape Key Module 55 Learn More
    SKU: L30250-F600-C282
    £201.34 £167.78
  4. Panasonic KX-NS5110X IP add-on module Green

    VoIP DSP card S (Small) for KX-NS500 Learn More
    SKU: KX-NS5110X
    £193.75 £161.46
  5. Panasonic KX-NS5282X IP add-on module Black, Green

    2 Port BRI Card for KX-NS700NE Learn More
    SKU: KX-NS5282X
    £235.87 £196.56
  6. Panasonic KX-NT505X-B IP add-on module Black 48 buttons

    Panasonic KX-NT505X-B, Black, 48 buttons, NT553/NT556 Learn More
    SKU: KX-NT505X-B
    £155.84 £129.87
  7. Panasonic KX-HDV20NE-B IP add-on module Black 40 buttons

    Expansion Module for KX-HDV230, Black, 40 buttons Learn More
    £87.48 £72.90
  8. Panasonic KX-NS0130X IP add-on module Black,Green

    Legacy Gateway Master Card for KX-NS1000 Learn More
    SKU: KX-NS0130X
    £412.78 £343.98
  9. Panasonic KX-NS0111X IP add-on module Green

    Card DSP VoIP (M-type) (DSP M) Learn More
    SKU: KX-NS0111X
    £711.83 £593.19
  10. Panasonic KX-NS0110X IP add-on module Green

    Card VoIP DSP type S (DSP-S) Learn More
    SKU: KX-NS0110X
    £277.99 £231.66

Items 1-10 of 14

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